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Smart Electric Grid, LLC

A developmental software company with methods to revolutionize the monitoring of the electrical power grid


The 30 hour Northeast-U.S.- Aug 2003 blackout cost the American business economy about $10 Billion in losses.

The U.S. president's task force into the 2003 blackout concluded that "The initial problem wasa software program'glitch'. The monitoring computer running the standard state estimation procedures in Ohio'hung-up'- froze?and?the operators, become 'blind' to the problems in the transmission network, did not do anything in the precious period before the occurrence of the blackout.

However, that was only a reflection of modern state of affairs in the power grid vulnerabilities. Each day, according to Bob Galvin, the retired CEO of Motorola, roughly 500,000 Americans spend at least two hours without electricity in their homes and businesses. These outages cost our economy $150 billion a year. How many of these blackouts are due to the failure of computer monitoring is unknown but many power grid control centers acknowledge regular -weekly or monthly - 'computer glitchs'.

State estimation is a critical and vital function for electrical power grid control center operations. Since the conception and use of state estimation for power grid operational management during the '70's, it has been assumed that the method always produces a reliable and accurate real-time power flow status and modeling representations now known not to be true except under conditions of normal power flow and usage. Under conditions of high transmission line loads it has been shown to fail consistently.


The inaccuracy and unavailability of state estimation have large negative influence on market price calculation and security assessment, two important functions following state estimation. The inherent flaw in the commonly used weighted least square (WLS) state estimation is the root reason of the inaccuracy and unavailability of state estimation. Continuous efforts from researchers and engineers have been made to try to solve this challenging problem of WLS for decades. Fortunately a revolutionary state estimation approach has been recently invented by us through the thorough study from different philosophy. It is believed that a huge profit will be brought to the startup company and its investors.


A new improved software approach for State Estimation

of an electrical power grid.