Robust State Estimator (Smart Electric Grid, LLC)
Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Smart Electric Grid, LLC is a provider of cutting-edge system monitoring technology for emerging smart grids.

SE+ has successfully resolved the longstanding vulnerability issues that plagued existing state estimators for over 50 years.

Smart Electric Grid, LLC (SEG) is dedicated to delivering the most advanced system monitoring technology for smart grids. Since 2013, SEG has been supported by the National Science Foundation's SBIR program to develop a robust state estimator for smart grids.

WLS based state estimators prioritize minimizing squared residuals, including those bad measurements, with a sacrifice of biased voltage solution. Biased voltage values cause big residuals for error-free measurements. Furthermore, WLS state estimators force bad leverage points to have zero residuals. Therefore, it can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to detect erroneous data for WLS state estimators.


SE+ outperforms WLS-based state estimators in accuracy by effectively rejecting all types of bad data. WLS-based state estimators, on the other hand, tries to force the residuals of bad measurements to be small, but this can lead to biased voltage solutions.

Supported by the NSF SBIR program, Smart Electric Grid (SEG) developed the Accurate Non-Divergent State Estimator (SE+). This static AC power system state estimator is capable of providing a feasible voltage solution once the system is observable, and is far more accurate than existing solutions. SE+ is designed to achieve the true operating state of the power system being monitored, without relying solely on minimizing the residuals of all measurements, even those that are bad data.

Our Offline Backup state estimator is a high-reliability solution with no risk to real-time operations.

SE+ is an offline backup state estimator designed to help power companies improve the robustness and accuracy of daily operations.


The benefits of using SE+ include:

1. 100% convergence once the system is observable, increasing the reliability by 45% for your EMS.

2. 10+ times faster than similar products on the market, allowing customers to routinely run SE+ every 20.0 seconds.

3. Rejecting more than 80% of bad measurements caused by all types of bad data.

4. Insensitive to topology errors, parameter errors, and measurement errors, leading to more accurate solutions.

5. Capable of accurately recovering the true values of bad data, ensuring clean data.

6. No leverage point exists for SE+, allowing for accurate bad data detection.

7. Cutting-edge technology suitable for implementation in power transmission network SE, power distribution network SE, linear SE, as well as dynamic SE.





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