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Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Smart Electric Grid, LLC

Smart Electric Grid, LLC (SEG) is a leading provider of advanced system monitoring technology for smart grids, addressing the challenges of increasing renewable energy penetration and rising extreme weather events. Since 2013, SEG has been supported by the National Science Foundation's SBIR program in developing a robust state estimator for smart grids.

SE+ (Accurate and Non-Divergent State Estimator)

A novel estimator resolving longstanding issues

SE+ has successfully resolved the longstanding vulnerability issues that have plagued existing state estimators for over 50 years. Unlike traditional WLS-based state estimators, which prioritize minimizing squared residuals from all measurements (including erroneous ones), SE+ effectively rejects all types of bad data. This ensures more accurate and reliable voltage solutions.

The problems with WLS-based estimators

WLS-based state estimators attempt to minimize the residuals of bad measurements, resulting in biased voltage solutions. These biased solutions cause large residuals for error-free measurements and force bad leverage points to have near-zero residuals. As a result, detecting erroneous data with WLS state estimators can be extremely challenging, if not impossible.

Similar to Least Absolute Value (LAV) state estimator

Like the LAV estimator, SE+ selects the minimal set of measurements needed to solve the system, ensuring robustness comparable to LAV. However, SE+ surpasses LAV by avoiding leverage point issues through its use of a norm-0 objective function. Additionally, SE+ does not rely on time-consuming linear programming in its solving process, addressing two major limitations that have hindered the widespread adoption of LAV in power systems.

The crucial role of SE+ in modern power grids

SE+ is essential for modern power grids due to the increasing integration of renewable energy and the rise in extreme weather events. Its robust data rejection, superior convergence, and advanced techniques ensure accurate state estimation, vital for handling variability, uncertainty, and maintaining grid resilience. This supports a stable and sustainable energy future.

Why SE+ Outperforms WLS-Based Estimators

1. Robustness Against Bad Data:

  • Enhanced bad data rejection: SE+ incorporates advanced techniques to more effectively identify and reject bad data, minimizing the risk of biased solutions.

2. Superior Convergence Properties:

  • Consistent convergence: Unlike WLS-based estimators, which often struggle to converge under stressed conditions, SE+ is designed to maintain stable and reliable convergence, even during heavy load or unusual operating scenarios.

3. Advanced Algorithmic Techniques:

  • Norm-0 objective function: SE+ utilizes a new objective function based on norm-0, enhancing its ability to identify the most relevant data points and discard outliers, leading to more accurate state estimates.
  • Accurate bad data analysis: SE+ uses nonlinear residual analysis to reject bad measurements, while WLS state estimators depend on the linearization of residual equations to detect bad measurements. This is challenging because 1) big residuals do not necessarily imply bad measurements, and 2) small residuals do not imply error-free measurements under the WLS scheme.

4. Enhanced Performance Under Stress:

  • Reliable under high load: SE+ has demonstrated superior performance in highly stressed systems, where WLS-based estimators are prone to divergence. This makes SE+ a more robust choice for real-world applications where system conditions can vary widely.

5. Improved Accuracy and Reliability:

  • Minimized estimation errors: By focusing on accurate data selection and advanced algorithmic processing, SE+ significantly reduces estimation errors, leading to more reliable power system operations and better decision-making support.

These advantages make SE+ a superior choice for state estimation in modern power systems.

Offline Backup State Estimator

SE+ can serve as an Offline Backup state estimator with zero risk to real-time operations. SE+ is designed to help power companies improve the robustness and accuracy of their daily operations.

Benefits of SE+

  1. Guaranteed convergence: Achieves 100% convergence once the system is observable, increasing EMS reliability by 45%.
  2. Speed: Over 10 times faster than similar products on the market.
  3. Bad data rejection: Rejects about 80% of bad measurements caused by all types of bad data.
  4. Error insensitivity: Insensitive to topology errors, parameter errors, and measurement errors, resulting in more accurate solutions.
  5. Accurate data recovery: Capable of accurately recovering the true values of bad data, ensuring clean data.
  6. No leverage points: Eliminates leverage points, allowing for accurate bad data detection.
  7. Versatility: Suitable for implementation in power transmission network SE, power distribution network SE, linear SE, and dynamic SE.

Cutting-Edge Technology

SEG is dedicated to delivering the most advanced system monitoring technology for smart grids. Our innovative SE+ state estimator represent the forefront of power system monitoring and control, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and resilience in power grid operations.


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