Robust State Estimator (Smart Electric Grid, LLC)
Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

About Smart Electric Grid, LLC

Since 2013, Smart Electric Grid, LLC (SEG) has received a series of NSF SBIR awards to develop robust state estimators. These awards have facilitated the development of a range of products tailored for various uses within the power utility industry. Our state estimator has successfully addressed and resolved longstanding issues that have persisted for over 50 years in traditional monitoring methods, including the commonly used Weighted Least Squares (WLS) state estimator.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to commercialize software that enhances the methodology for monitoring the global electrical power grid. This involves facilitating strategic planning, remedy control, market price determination, and contingency analysis for the maintenance and improvement of power generation and transmission lines. Our purpose is to improve and stabilize the economic factors involved in the energy market.


Company Goals

  1. Robust power grid monitoring:
    • To become the world's leading company in providing techniques for robust monitoring of power grids.
  2. Advanced vulnerability analysis:
    • To be recognized as a leading company in offering advanced techniques for power grid vulnerability analysis.
  3. High-Quality power market services:
    • To be a leading provider of high-quality services to power markets.

Through our innovative solutions and commitment to excellence, SEG aims to transform the landscape of power grid monitoring and analysis, ensuring greater reliability and efficiency in power system operations globally.




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